The best Sodastream alternatives

For home made sodas and DIY sparkling water, there are so many available options. You can easily get a SodaStream machine and carbonate your favorite drink. But in case you are trying to avoid the Israeli company and you are looking for an alternative option, there is possibility too. No doubt that the SodaStream is one of the best sparkling water makers. Of course it is easier just to drink plain water or a juice, but soda drinks are nice too. There are also cheaper products which could make a good SodaStream alternative. Check some of the best alternatives below, and try to find the best option for you.

SodaStream Alternatives


One great product when it comes to soda makers is the DrinkMate machine which is produced by iSoda. The DrinkMate soda maker is one of the best and most efficient SodaStream alternatives. It has a nice and elegant design, featuring a great performance. Also, the price is reasonable and affordable. This soda maker has a fizz infuser. Hence, controlling the carbonation process would be really easy. DrinkMate is using the SodaStream’s refill system. However, they have their own BPA free bottles. A good feature is that this machine can carbonate more drinks, not only water. After all, it is an inexpensive soda maker. In case you are avoiding the SodaStream products, find an alternative one. Definitely, DrinkMate is a great alternative to the SodaStream machines.

SodaStream Alternatives

Soda Siphons

If you are looking for a smaller version and a great substitute of the SodaStream, then you may want to check soda siphons. If you do not mind switching to a smaller machine, this would be a good choice. There are small devices to which you can attach the bottles. This type of machines may take a bit longer to finish the carbonation process. But on the other side, the carbonation is not only limited to water. It is also possible to carbonate other types of drinks. However, the soda siphons take much less space and are really portable. One thing is sure, the cost a lot less. Some of them do not even use the SodaStream refill system. Instead, they use CO2 cartridges. A great SodaStream alternative of the soda siphon type is the SodaPlus Soda siphon.

Fizz Giz

Sometimes getting a SodaStream sparkling water maker could be a bit of unnecessary cost. For that reason, there are many US made SodaStream alternatives. One of them is the Fizz Giz soda maker kit. It is made in North Carolina and features a good quality. This product has a banana shaped charger and two special bottle caps. Also, it comes with a single CO2 charger. It is very simple, you just fill your own bottle. Even using a soda bottle could be used with this machine. Then after filling the bottle, you have to screw it on the Fizz Giz cups. Next, put a CO2 cartridge into the wand. And finally, insert the wand through the bottle cup and start carbonating your drink.


As we already mentioned before, there are a lot of different SodaStream alternatives available on the market. Which one you prefer, depends on your needs and preferences. Some of the best SodaStream alternatives are the DrinkMate machine, soda siphons and the Fizz Giz soda maker. They are all great products, durable and efficient. After all, the alternatives are less expensive than the original SodaStream soda makers.

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