Top 6 SodaStream Models

When it comes to carbonated drinks, they are available in every market, restaurant or a coffee bar. There are many different types of sodas, and almost everyone of us likes them. But sometimes maybe the weather is not very well or you are lazy to go out and buy soda. However, there is a great solution to this problem. Many companies successfully made soda & sparkling water makers. Hence, offering us the opportunity to make our own drinks at home. There is a variety of soda makers and one among the best is the Israeli brand SodaStream.

For example, the SodaStream soda makers are one of the most famous and high-quality products. Produced under high standards, those products are very durable and efficient. The performance is outstanding. Hence, you will have your favorite soda drink at an instant. The SodaStream sparkling water makers may be a bit of expensive. But for what you get is worth it.

Some people may be looking for a cheaper product, but still of a solid quality. The available options are big enough and you are having the opportunity to choose what is best for you. Alternatives like the DrinkMate is a good choice. However, the product is made out of plastic but the construction is sturdy. It is very efficient product which comes with a fizz indicator.

Top 6 SodaStream Models

SodaStream Fizzi

Now you can make your own sparkling water. Also, being able to control the fizziness is not something that you will find in the market. The Sodastream Fizzi comes with a modern design and a 60 liters compatible CO2 carbonator. With this product your kitchen will be a modern and nice-looking place.

SodaStream Source

A product which is gives you the chance to make carbonated water at home. No more going to the market just for one bottle of soda. With this innovative, 60 liters CO2 carbonator compatible machine, you will have some great drinks prepared in an instant.

SodaStream Play

A great product which will make your friend gatherings enjoyable with your favorite carbonated drink. Also, you are getting a 6 different flavor samples. The Sodastream Play soda maker has a CO2 carbonator which is both 60 liters and 130 liters compatible.

SodaStream Jet

The process of making a carbonated water is really easy. Purchasing this product will allow you to create nice and tasty drinks. Adding some flavor or juice to the water and carbonating it would be a perfect combination. Read the full review for more details.

SodaStream Genesis

Featuring a modern design and a great performance, you would be able to use this product with an ease. Creating your carbonated drinks is very easy and in an instant. Its sleek design is very attractive and will fit in any kitchen. In order to find out more about the product, check out our full review.

SodaStream Crystal

The Sodastream Crystal is an elegant and high quality sparkling water maker. It is compatible with a 620ml glass carafe. Hence, it will be great addition to your kitchen style. Also, your dinner table will be decorated nicely leaving a stylish look. Check our review for more information about the product.

How do they work?

The carbonation process is very simple and easy. The SodaStream machines are the most efficient soda makers which do not even require electricity in order to work. Some people are really into the sparkling water and soda drinks. If you are one of them, then this is the right place for you. Being fond of the carbonated drinks also means having it at home all the time. Do not worry, the soda & sparkling water makers are here to help you. And here it is how they work.

All of the SodaStream carbonating machines are coming with a bottle. It can be a BPA free reusable bottle. Also, some of the machines are coming with a glass reusable carbonating bottle. So, you will have to fill the bottle with a tap water. Then the next step is jut to place the bottle into the machine and secure it well. After those simple steps are done, pressing the button is the only thing left. The SodaStream machines are very easy to use, simple and efficient. You will have your own drink in a few minutes.

The machine has a CO2 cylinder which is making the fizz. Also, it is possible to create your drink with the desired fizziness. However, all of the drinks could be made even more exciting and delicious. SodaStream is offering many different mixes and flavors. Experimenting and discovering new tastes is very fun and getting it is really easy.

You should not worry when you are almost getting out of gas. Once the carbonator is empty, it could be exchanged with many other carbonators at the participating retailers. After you exchange the CO2 cylinder, your soda making process can start again.

Is it worth getting one at home?

There are so many people out there interested for the soda or sparkling water drinks. All of them usually go out to a coffee place to get one of those simple drinks. We all know that they are very tasty and we simply like them. But have you ever thought about making your own soda drink? Have you ever asked yourself how to make one at home? Here we can answer your questions. Making a soda drink or a sparkling water is really easy today. You can simply make it at your home if you have one soda maker.

Let’s first start with considering how many times per day you are drinking carbonated drinks. If it is very often, then owning a soda maker is a good idea. Most of the machines are easy to use. They have a great durability, high quality and outstanding performance. Also, the SodaStream soda and sparkling water makers have a modern design. Decorating your kitchen with one of them would not cost you much. As a result, your home will look stylish. Also, having a cool drink for your family and friends at any time is amazing.

Honestly, purchasing one of those products is always a good idea. There is nothing to lose and much to gain. And definitely getting one for your home is worth it. Also, if you consider how much money you are spending on a single soda drink you will understand. Pay once for the machine and have the soda drink forever.


The final overall impression of owning a soda & sparkling water maker is always positive. If you just look at how easy to use those products are, you will always have fun using them. The process is really simple. You have a bottle, one machine and a carbonator. Place the bottle, lock it and simply press the button. You will have a tasty and cool drink at home. Also, just calculate how much money you are spending only in one day for soda drinks. Probably, the cost for the machine would be enough for a couple of soda drinks. So, as we can see the smartest and the best idea is to own a soda and sparkling water maker and make your drinks at home. You will only pay once for the machine, but have drinks for a lifetime. Our final conclusion is that purchasing one soda maker is worth it and it will pay off shortly.