Sodastream Crystal Review

Significantly different and of course more expensive than the other Sodastream machines is the Sodastream Crystal home soda maker. It features a great sleek design and comes with a glass bottle. Hence, you can even wash the bottle easily into the dishwasher machine. If you are trying to get away from the BPA plastic bottles, this would be a perfect match for you. Also, you should not worry about chemicals which might be found in the plastic bottles. The Crystal soda maker is a higher-end SodaStream products. The durability is much higher and the performance outstanding. There’s a reason why it made our list of best Sodastream models.

The SodaStream brand is well-known around the globe. Offering different products for everyone’s style and preferences. Investing in the Sodastream Crystal soda maker will definitely pay off. For more details about the product, check the features and specifications in our Sodastream Crystal review.

sodastream crystal

Product features

With its great design and high quality, the Sodastream Crystal is a significantly different than the other Sodastream products. The product is offering a wide range of features and good specifications. It is very easy to use and maintain. For more information, check the features and specifications in detail below.

Elegant Design

Sodastream Crystal is a product which is offering you an elegant design. It is a great addition to your kitchen. The elegant and modern design is planned to fit in all the kitchen styles and forms. Also, it will help you make nice and delicious carbonated drinks. However, it would be an extra for your beverages. Than, we should also consider the materials used in order to produce this Sodastream Crystal sparkling water maker. It is wrapped in Titan stainless steel. This design and construction are very durable and sustainable. It is a great stylish art decoration design.

sodastream crystal review

CO2 Compatibility

The product is featuring a 60 liters CO2 carbonator mail-in rebate. This means you would be able to make enough drinks for your friends and family, before refilling it.

Bottle Compatibility

In order to make your serving table look nice and elegant the Sodastream Crystal comes with a glass bottle. It is compatible with a 620ml glass carafe. Hence, your dinner gatherings will get a new modern and stylish look.

sodastream crystal sparkling water maker

Sodastream Crystal Review – Specifications

As we already mentioned the available features of this product, you may want to know more about its specifications. In the table below, we are showing the important details about the product. Check them out.

Manufacturer SodaStream
Dimensions 10.5in x 6.2in x 17.2in
Weight 10 pounds
CO2 Compatibility 60L


This is one high quality product, which does not really have any drawbacks. It has a great design, functionality and performance. The only thing which could be considered as a drawback is the price. It is definitely more expensive than other SodaStream soda makers. But of course, the features, performance and design are much better. If you want a durable and elegant product then you will have to accept this drawback.

Sodastream Crystal review by customers

As we are getting reviews on a daily basis, we are really happy about the comments. Almost all of our customers are satisfied with the product. Being able to enjoy and have a nice time preparing your drinks is a good reason to own it. On the negative side of the reviews, we got just a few. Our customers are not complaining about the product but the price. However, considering all of the features you are getting, the price is reasonable, though a bit expensive.

Final verdict

And we are almost at the end of this Sodastream Crystal review. There is nothing much left to say from our side. We saw that the product is great, coming with great features and specifications. Also, the design is modern and stylish. It may be a little bit of expensive, but it is definitely worth it. Honestly, it is one of the best products you could find. And we are sure that you cannot find a better one in the same price range. We really hope that our review was helpful and you will enjoy preparing your favorite drinks.

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