Sodastream Genesis Review

Probably most of you know what is SodaStream, but for those who do not know, it is a machine which is allowing you to make sparkling water. Also, you can add different flavors to the sparkling water and get a nice drink. Some people just like to get the things which are already ready. But if you enjoy experimenting with flavors or different levels of fizziness, you should definitely get the Sodastream Genesis. It would be really interesting and fun for kids too. Hence, you can spend the time with your kids making something new everyday. A lot of other products are offering similar features, but in order to learn more, and see why it’s on our list of best Sodastream models, check our Sodastream Genesis review.

sodastream genesis

Product features

A wide range of features are coming along with this product. It is really great when you can make some carbonated water and other drinks at home. Today, there are many products giving you that opportunity, but this Soadastream Genesis machine is just one of the best. The design and compatibility are just some of the available features. Read more about the product below.

Innovative Design

One of the main focuses of the SodaStream company is the design. Focused on innovation and modern style, this Sodastream carbonating machine will give an amazing modern design to your kitchen. Also, it is featuring a lightweight design. This makes the product really portable and easy to move from one place to another. Eventually, you are going to find the right place for it at your home.

Sodastream Genesis Review

CO2 Carbonator Compatibility

The product is compatible with several different carbonators. The Sodastream Genesis carbonating machine is featuring a 60 liters carbonator. Because of the CO2 carbonator compatibility, it could be exchanged with several other carbonators from your favorite retailers.

Bottle Compatibility

The bottle compatibility of this product is just as expected. It is both PET and PEN 1 litter bottle compatible. Also, it is featuring a 1 liter and 0.5-liter source plastic compatibility. You will be able using them according to your needs and preferences.

Twist – Lock Technology

Placing the bottle in its places and carbonating water is really easy. If you just twist and lock the bottle you are able to start the carbonating process. Just press the button on the machine and start. Also, it does not require any electricity or batteries in order to work. Hence, you will have a great carbonated drink at an instant.

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Sodastream Genesis review – Specifications

We already saw that the product is offering great features. But that is not all. Before purchasing the product, also consider its specifications which we are showing you in the table below.

Manufacturer SodaStream
Dimensions 9.2in x 5.3in x 16.4in
Weight 6.8 pounds
CO2 Compatibility 60L


The product is good and great for its price. Honestly, it does not really have drawbacks. Maybe some of you will find the 60 liters carbonation compatibility as a drawback if preparing a huge party. But for friends and family gatherings, you would be able to make enough carbonated drinks with one filling.

Sodastream Genesis Review by customers

On a daily basis we are getting a lot of reviews about this product. Some of our customers love it, others are satisfied and some have a bit less good experience with the product. But all of this is fine and normal. Not everyone has the same needs and preferences. The number of great comments is huge, and the number of less satisfying comments could be neglected.

Final verdict

As we already mentioned, the product is really great and one among the best in its price range. SodaStream is a popular brand around the globe, focused on innovation and technology. Providing you a great deal of features and good specifications, carbonating the water and creating your own soda is now really easy. We really hope that our Sodastream Genesis review was helpful for you. Hence, you will be able to make a good decision and purchase the right product. Hopefully, you will have a lot of fun in the process of creating your own carbonated soda drinks.

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