Sodastream Jet Review

Are you looking for a compact and lightweight carbonating machine? The Sodastream Jet is one of the most efficient and compact products. Also, the product is portable and you can easily move it from one place to another. The product is not offering as many options as the other Sodastream machines. But the price is also much lower then other Sodastream products. If you really enjoy drinking sparkling water, but at the same time you want to save some money, this is just the right choice for you.

This starter kit comes with a great deal of available features and specifications. It is a well-made, good looking and modern product which will add to the style of your kitchen. If you are looking for a sparkling water maker, you are at the right place. Check our Sodastream Jet review, read and learn more about the product, and why it made our list of best Sodastream models.

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Sodastream Jet Review – Features

Offering a wide range of different features, this product will make your ordinary drinks tasty and nice looking. It is a high quality and durable products which is produced under high standards. Going global the company is offering an amazing product for the most affordable price. Check the features bellow and find out more about the product.

Innovative Design

The product is featuring an awesome modern design. It is made in order to fit in any kitchen’s style and make the place look nice and stylish. Also, the lightweight design is allowing you to move the sparkling water maker from one place to another. The portability is guaranteed and you will get the best out of it. However, in order to work, the soda maker does not require any electricity or batteries.

Sodastream Jet Review

CO2 Compatibility

While most of the sparkling water makers are not compatible with many CO2 carbonators, Sodastream Jet is different. The product is compatible with both 60 liters and 130 liters carbonator cylinders. Providing you the opportunity of expanding your carbonation opportunities.

Bottle Compatibility

Another great feature which you are getting is the bottle compatibility. The Sodastream Jet soda maker is compatible with both PET and PEN 1L bottles. Also, it is compatible with the 0.5L source plastic bottles. This compatibility is more than enough to make sparkling water for your everyday needs.

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Twist – Lock Technology

With the available twist – lock technology, you will be able to easily place and remove the bottle from the machine. Simply, twist and lock the bottle into the machine, and start carbonating by pumping the textured push button control.

Product specifications

We have already seen the available features coming with the product. But, when you know more about it, the better it is. Check the table bellow and learn more.

Manufacturer SodaStream
Dimensions 10in x 5.5in x 17in
Weight 4.9 pounds
CO2 Compatibility 60L and 130L


Great product which honestly, does not really have drawbacks. But as every product on the market, it is normal do have better sides. The water maker is really easy to use and works fast but it does not really hold the fizziness. Maybe you would consider this as a drawback, but then why making a carbonated drink and just leaving it aside? However, any carbonated drink will not hold the fizziness forever.

Sodastream Jet Review by Customers

Everyday we are getting reviews and comments by our customers. Almost all of them are positive and the customers are satisfied. Those comments which are not that positive, are matching the drawbacks of this product. But however, you cannot hold the fizziness of any carbonated drink for very long.

Final Verdict

As we already mentioned, Sodastream Jet is a great water maker which will make your drinks nicely carbonated. The features which are available, specifications and drawbacks summed up together are making a great deal. Honestly, among the other products on the market which are in the same price range, Sodastream Jet is one of the best. Anyway, we can just conclude that the product is worth for the price. We really hope that our Sodastream Jet review will help you make a good decision and enjoy your carbonated drinks.

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