Sodastream Play Review

SodaStream is a company which is operating all over the globe, with headquarters in Israel. From their very beginning, SodaStream has evolved a lot. The improved design speaks about the increased performance and usability. Also, adding new features and more flavors made the product even better. Many people love SodaStream’s products, but often you are not sure which one to choose. Sodastream Play has a really minimalist look which can fit anywhere. It is also one of the most efficient products with a lower price than the other products.

In order to learn more about the product, its features, specifications and also considering the drawbacks, check our Sodastream Play review carefully. You’ll immediately see why it’s on our list of best Sodastream models.

sodastream starter kit

Product features

Now you will really enjoy the process of making your sparkling water. Making a tasty and carbonated drinks is very easy nowadays. Sodastream Play is one product which will help you enjoy all the gatherings and family drinks that you will organize. Aldo, this carbonating machine does not need any electricity or batteries in order to work. With its wide range of available features, you will have a lot of fun and joy. Check some of the features below.

Modern Design

In order to fit the modern design standards, this product has a stylish and modern design. Your kitchen will get another, modern and new design. Also, it is very lightweight which gives you the opportunity of moving it around the kitchen until you find the most suitable place.

Sodastream Play Review

CO2 Carbonator Compatibility

Just like most of the sparkling water makers, this Sodastream Play is 60 liters compatible. But not only that, it has a feature of 130 liters carbonator compatibility. You can easily exchange between them, according to your needs. Anyway, the 60 liters carbonator is considered as a standard, so you will not really exchange them so often.

Bottle Compatibility

The bottle compatibility is also another feature which is worth mentioning. The product is compatible with a 1 liter and 0.5 liter bottles. You can choose which one will meet your needs and chose the right bottle.

Snap – Lock Technology

The snap – lock technology will allow you easily remove the bottle. Also, placing the bottle even when full, is now easy.

Flavor Samples

The Sodastream Play soda maker is a starter kit. It comes with 6 packs of different flavor samples. You would have the chance to make tasty and nice drinks, not only a sparkling water.

sodastream play


You have seen the features that this product is offering. Now, you can also check the specifications which are provided in the table below.

Manufacturer SodaStream
Dimensions 9.7in x 7.5in x 17in
Weight 6.7 pounds
CO2 Compatibility 60L and 130L


The Sodastream Play is a great product which will allow you create your own carbonated drinks. It is a product which does not really have drawbacks. But maybe, the product does not come with a warranty and you do not really know how much it will last. Anyway, we all know that one product cannot last a lifetime.

Sodastream Play Review by Customers

Getting comments and review is a daily routine for this product. We have a lot of customers and almost all of them are leaving good reviews. People are mainly satisfied with the product and say that it is really worth it. Considering the price, you cannot really get a better sparkling maker. To be honest, not all of the comments were positive but the number of those is neglectable.

Final Verdict

Finally, we can only make a conclusion about the product. With all of the available features and great specifications, this product will help you make tasty drinks. Making the home gatherings or family nights are just as easy. Also, no more need to go to the market in order to buy only carbonated water. These are just some small benefits of owning a carbonating machine.

However, here you had the chance to read about the product. See its features and specifications according to which you can make a decision. Considering all the positive things, the drawbacks and of course the price, purchasing the product could be only beneficial. We hope that our Sodastream Play review was helpful for you.

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