Sodastream Source vs Genesis

Every time when it comes to buying a new product, we are all looking for reviews or friend’s recommendations. And, when it comes to getting a new machine like the soda makers, there are so many available options. Definitely, the SodaStream products are one of the best on the market. The company is trying to give its best in order to make all the customers happy with their products. There are different Sodastream models and the company is not really trying to highlight the difference among them. According to your needs, preferences and budget you can choose what is best for you. In order to help you decide, we have created this Sodastream Source vs Genesis comparison. We also have complete reviews for both the Sodastream Source, and the Sodastream Genesis, so you can take a look at them for more info as well.

Sodastream Source


One of the best things about this Sodastream Source carbonating machine is the LED fizz indicator. With this feature you would be able to make your drink with the exact same fizziness. Hence, some people find this really important. However, the machine is made out of plastic but still remains stylish and good looking. It is really lightweight which will allow easier transportation. There is a very quick locking mechanism. You will be able to place and remove the bottle with an ease.


It is very normal for a product to have its cons. And of course, they are usually different for everyone. Someone might find the fizz LED indicator as unnecessary feature. Others are considering the lightweight design as a drawback. However, in general the product is very good and not that expensive as it could be.


Sodastream Genesis


The design of Sodastream Genesis is one of the most modern compared to others. It elegant and stylish. For some people the design is a really important key point when buying a new product. The construction is lightweight but strong at the same time, which is a perfect combo. As many other Sodastream product, the Genesis one also does not require electricity or batteries in order to work. This makes the product really easy to use.


There are a lot of great features when talking about the Sodastream Genesis carbonation machine. However, it is very normal for one product to have its own drawbacks and less favorable sides. In order to complete the carbonation, you have to hold the button pressed all of the time. For some people this would be the biggest drawbacks of the product. Also, this is what we find the customers complaining about. However, the carbonation process does not take a lot of time, so it should be fine.

sodastream source vs genesis

Sodastream Source vs Genesis – Conclusion

And finally, we almost came to the end of this Sodastream Source vs Genesis comparison. There is nothing much left to say from our side, but it is fair to make a conclusion. After considering both, the positive and negative sides of the two products we can make a final conclusion.

Both of the products have a great design, features, durability and portability. It is hard to make a decision between the two of them. Considering the price, it is almost the same and you cannot base your decision on the price. But when looking at the LED indicators, lightweight and modern design, the Sodastream Source seems like a good choice. Also, the quick and easy locking mechanism will allow you to place and remove the bottle with an ease. However, I think that the Sodastream Source is winning this comparison. At the end, our opinion is just here to help you, but the final decision have to be yours.

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